Monday, July 10, 2017


1) The πŸ’— is utterly useless on Twitter.
2) It's seen by
only one person.
3) A πŸ’— does not appear in your timeline so nobody else sees it.
4) Then it goes straight to your “likes” file where ADVERTISERS use it to decide what they’ll sell you.

To respond to someone’s personal Tweet or promo with a πŸ’— is really quite rude.
It’s like a condescending smirk.
A pat on the head.
A missed opportunity.
A failure to communicate.

The point of Twitter is to get your Tweets to as many people as possible.
The point of Twitter is the RT.
An RT takes exactly the same amount of time as a πŸ’—, it appears in your timeline and reaches all your followers & their followers & so on. Potentially hundreds, thousands, even millions of people could see an RT. People who may want to
follow you, make contact or a purchase, or simply be amused or enriched by the Tweet.

So, if you want remark on a personal Tweet or a promo, use the RT
The πŸ’— has practically killed Twitter as an interactive medium.

Using the RT can revive it.

And by the way, when someone RTs your Tweet, return the favor by RTing one of their promos or personal Tweets instead of a thank you. This keeps your timeline lively and not cluttered with "thank yous".

If you don’t RT what you like to your followers, Twitter will never be anything more than an advertising platform for big brands and famous people.                 

Twitter, RT don’t LIKE, Take Back Twitter

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