Sunday, July 16, 2017


It used to be that if you liked something on Twitter you'd RT it.
Then Twitter added the πŸ’—
Everybody thought, okay, if I like something I’ll πŸ’— it and my followers will see what I πŸ’—

New Twitter doesn’t work like that.
Your πŸ’—s don’t appear in your timeline.
Your followers can’t see what you πŸ’—

Only one person sees your πŸ’— 
Your πŸ’—s go into your LIKES file, used only by Twitter ADVERTISERS to sell you stuff based on your πŸ’—s.

So, responding to a personal Tweet or promo with a πŸ’—, is a waste of time. Nobody will see it, nobody will be able to make contact or a purchase or enjoy anything mentioned in a πŸ’—ed Tweet. Everytime you πŸ’— a Tweet you're condemning it to oblivion.

The point of Twitter is to get your Tweets to as many people as possible. And the way to do that is to RT.
An RT appears in your timeline and reaches all your followers & their followers & so on. Potentially hundreds, thousands, even millions of people could see an RT. People who may want to follow you, make contact or a purchase, or simply be amused or enriched by the Tweet.

So, if you want to remark on a personal Tweet or a promo, use the RT. The πŸ’— has practically killed Twitter as an interactive medium. Using the RT can revive it.

And by the way, when someone RTs your Tweet, return the favor by RTing one of their promos or personal Tweets instead of a thank you. This keeps your timeline lively and uncluttered with "thanks".

If you don’t
RT what you like to your followers, Twitter will never be anything more than an advertising platform for big brands and famous people.                                                                       *
                        Twitter, RT don’t LIKE, Take Back Twitter


John L said...

Interesting thoughts. I agree that retweeting helps more people see a tweet. I think Twitter has become too big and unwieldy, and gets bogged down in politics and “trending” topics, rather than meaningful connection. Though the Like button isn’t totally without value, because a tweet with many likes will move up higher on the feed. Also, Twitter will often show me tweets from people I don’t follow, because they were liked by people I do follow.

In any case, I agree there is less interaction these days. Can we ever go back to the old Twitter? I’m not sure, it’s so big now, and people are following thousands rather than hundreds. I don’t even see most of the tweets in my feed anymore, so I’m guessing most of my followers aren’t seeing most of my tweets, or my retweets. I’m tweeting less overall as a result. I like replying to tweets, because you’re engaging in conversation, rather than just broadcasting (or rebroadcasting.)

N. L. Lumiere said...

I don't mind what people are talking about as long as they're talking. Most of my followers are writers and it drives me nuts to see some use stupid GIFs. Pictures are another distraction from communicating.

I think most people don't realise that LIKES don't work like RTs and nobody sees a LIKE. So LIKING a promo is really silly. Twitter size doesn't matter, because I don't chat to the thousands, just to the dozens who exchange a remark now and then.

Nobody sees all their Tweets because Twitter holds some back just to keep things flowing. So it's even more important to RT if you want to get your message across.

Engaging in conversation was what made Twitter great but Twitter has made it all about advertising with the LIKE button.
We can still communicate and spread our messages with a little effort and understanding of how new Twitter works.