Thursday, August 27, 2009


A couple of days ago I was informed that this blog had been hijacked.
On investigation I found that my poor little blog had indeed been abducted.  There it sat, embedded in Cindywearsmanyhats' unfamiliar black blog, blinking and naked without even a post around it. WTF?
So, if you too found yourself on her blog while looking for this one and wondered WTF, please be assured that I have no affiliation with Cindy Story, Cindywearsmanyhats or Cindylou2.   

Cindy was a fan of this blog and for some reason, decided to embed it in hers, causing all traffic to go to her blog, not mine. She has subsequently apologized and assured me that her action was not malicious, she "just wanted to help" me.

Anyway, Cindy has now removed herself as a follower and deleted my blog from hers but, unfortunately, all searches for my blog still go to the deleted blog at
It will take a while for this new blog to show up in searches, so please make a note of the new URL:

My young blog, lost and un-findable, is now recovering but a bit lonely, with few visitors or followers, so I hope you’ll click on the comments and follow buttons again.  After all, this is an exciting blog, things happen here!   You could get kidnapped and embedded, among other things.  
    In the meantime, regular posting will resume shortly.
Thanks to those of you who alerted me to this situation.

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Nora Lumiere said...

Transferred from other copy of this blog:
W* said...
Bonjour Nora et belle route à ce nouveau né drôle, artiste et gourmand de small but charming blog ! :-) I love the whole thing but I didn't agree with some points... as I'll try to explain them in my usual "Homemade Garbage English". Quote:
- "My young blog," (..O.K.. for this one.. like U: forever young !)
- "...lost and un-findable" (untrue... I've found it ! :-) )
- is now recovering but a bit lonely, with few visitors or followers.. (..don't feel lonely, feel "quiet" ...and this is not "a few" but THE few BEST followers...)
- I hope you’ll click on the follow button again. (doen't have to hope.. be sure of that ! ,-) )
Plus sérieusement je sais que le kidnapping de ton précédent blog t'a marquée et je suis loin de minimiser pareille mésaventure. Aussi, je tenais à t'assurer non seulement de mon soutien mais aussi de mon respect et de mon amitié... et je pense pas être le seul dans ce cas.

September 13, 2009 4:25 PM

Nora Lumiere said...
Merci pour le mot si gentil. T'es adorable, vraiment.
The new blog is unfindable on search engines (they still go to the deleted blog), that's why we're having this party, so you could find us. But blog problems are really nothing in the grand scheme of things.
Merci bien de ton soutien .
Tiens, il y une recette pour des figues roties sur le blog LE PETRIN, qui me fait baver.