Sunday, October 11, 2009


There's no Nobel prize for art but there should be. Its role in life is no less vital than chemistry, physics, economics, medicine, literature and peace. What would all those Nobel prize winners do if they couldn’t unwind with a bit of animation or a visit to the Louvre, the Met, the Prado or MOMA?

You can’t concentrate hard all the time or your thoughts go stale, you lose objectivity and confusion takes over. All brains need a rest now and then. That’s where art comes in. Art is the silent partner to the Great Minds of the world. When Great Minds (and not so great ones) get tired and fuzzy, art steps in to sweep out the cobwebs, mop up the worries, overwhelm with beauty, amuse, encourage and even inspire.

Many think music soothes and inspires more than art does. Maybe, but, how do you know? You can hear music being played but you can’t hear somebody seeing. And with the plethora of visual media around, who knows what a passing glance can do?  
How many Nobel Prize winners have been inspired by the art of the Lascaux caves,  Giotto,  Uccello, Bernini, Turner, Bacon, Hockney, even by Gertie the Dinosaur,  the LION KING or Buzz Lightyear? We’ll never know. Nobel Prize winners don’t credit art and artists in their acknowledgments of support, but surely art was there, inspiring away in the background, in glimpses, peeps, flickers and stares. Art helps all of us through life, with a little beauty here, a cartoon there, an unexpected color or point of view to distract and please us and sometimes make us smile.  

Art is not just an investment for future capital gains, it’s an investment in pleasure, beauty and grace. Art is sustenance for the soul, a Nobel prize for the eyes.



Clare Dudman said...

Very true. Art actually inspired one Nobel physicist, Niels Bohr to develop his theory of the duality of light (wave and particle). Like a cubism picture can show both sides so light can show two sides too. This is according to the writer Arthur Miller.

Nora Lumiere said...

Thanks Clare for mentioning this interesting article by Arthur Miller, emeritus professor in history and philosophy of science at University College London:

Always good to have proof!

myshorterstories said...

art is who we are. without it, we aren't us. I think those Nobel people need to reassess.

Nora Lumiere said...

Literature is the only branch of the arts recognised by the Nobel Foundation, perhaps because the economists, physicists, doctors, chemists, peace negotiators have to do so much writing.
How about a Picasso Prize for art, a Mozart Prize for music?

Raw Feminine Energy said...

Yes, yes, and yes.