Sunday, October 4, 2009


1. Animation is fun
2. Animation is easy
3. Animation is sloppy drawing
4. There is no thought involved in animating
5. Animators are less talented than fine artists
6. Animators laugh, joke and whistle while they work
7. Bluebirds and small animals bring us our pencils
• FUN: why would 18-hour days spent animating to extremely high standards and draconian deadlines be fun?

• EASY: how is drawing a character in hundreds of positions so it moves in a lifelike way, easy?

• SLOPPY DRAWING: Both fine artists and animators study human and animal anatomy, perspective, sculpture, art history. Plus, for animators, the intricate rules of art in motion.

• NO THOUGHT: Think how much thought goes into thinking about how to make something move, then drawing it so it moves the way you want. A pencil line doesn’t move, it all comes to life in the mind.


• WHISTLING AT WORK: There is a hushed silence in a professional animation studio because animators do a lot of thinking, plus most animation is funny and comedy is hard.  It requires deadly serious thought.  And thinking requires quiet.

• NO BLUEBIRDS or fuzzy bunnies. Some tarantulas and the occasional boa, though.


iCronos4 said...

Animation is fun... in a masochistic sort of way.

Let's be honest. Would we love animation (and animating) if it were easy and anybody could do it?

Being an animator requires artistry that goes beyond the ability to draw. It takes a very special blend of talent to be even relatively good. As you are well aware, quality animation withstands the test of time.

Nora Lumiere said...

Yes, absolutely. The fun in animation is in rising to the challenge on multiple fronts: time, space and talent, not to mention studio politics.
But many people think animation is just playing, all a big laugh, they don’t realise there’s real work involved and a lot of thought.

Nora Lumiere said...

From Twitter (with permission),
Janne (a CG artist) said:

@Nora_LUMIERE Urban legends about animation, you nailed it! ;) good post!