Saturday, May 15, 2010


Barack Obama is a good-looking President and a caricaturist’s dream: stick-out ears, big teeth, big grin, you couldn't ask for more:

David Miliband is also a handsome man and just look what a good caricaturist can do to him:
But, even though Nick Clegg is just as handsome as the others, he’s a caricaturist’s nightmare.  He has tiny, close-fitting ears, his features are terrifyingly regular, his teeth and nose are boringly straight.  Absolutely nothing to exaggerate.  Except a long neck and tall forehead.  Which leads to these:
He's impossible to draw, let alone caricature.  I fear he’ll have to be represented by a symbol:
Will Nick be the only un-caricaturable politician in history?



MOLLYC said...

I am not an artist, so I can't imagine how anyone does caricatures. Obama does seem to have good features for one. As I comment, I am looking at your slide show, and it is wonderful. molly

Claire King said...

Well, I think you did a brilliant job with Homer/Clegg
He looks a bit like Colin Firth too, doesn't he...
Have you done Sarkozy yet?

Nora Lumiere said...

Thank you Molly!

Yes, Claire, Clegg does look like Colin Firth:-)
I'm not a caricaturist, it's a highly specialised field, but couldn't resist having a go at Nick because he's so difficult.
Haven't done Sarko.

Rebecca Sutherland said...

Brilliant. I love this blog Nora. Someone will crack him. Perhaps the slightly ill-fitting everyman suit (opposed to Cameron's Saville Row tailoring), the hair that can become a little tufty at the front, or perhaps just appearing tiny compared to his coalition counterpart. Be prepared for a lot of public school boy's 'fag' humour!

Nora Lumiere said...

Thanks, Becky. Maybe it's the fearful symmetry of his features, or the intelligence in his eyes that's so hard to draw. As for his suits, Nick would look good in a sack, but he does need to get his tailor to make alterations to his jackets for waving. A special "politician's jacket" should be available for just this purpose. Dave has one.

Paul said...

Clegg's a bit of a blank isn't he?

My brother is a cartoonist, and he's spoken about how difficult it seems to be to capture Clegg.

Nora Lumiere said...

The best I could do, was the version on the right and that was cheating quite a bit.
I'd love to see what your brother comes up with.