Sunday, May 2, 2010


The Typing Toad was extra busy last week.
He usually sneaks in when I’m tired and fuzzy-brained and have been in kicking up my heels and drinking too much champagne instead of concentrating on my writing.   But he also likes to contribute generously to the weekly blog post, then announce it on Twitter before I can edit him out.   Sometimes I have to wrestle with the Typing Toad for days before I can regain control of my writing.  He’s always around when I feel least like writing but seems to disappear when I’m focused and  typing with fiery fingers.  
    It was the Typing Toad who convinced me in the first place that the blog must go on, no matter what. 
    "Somesing must be published every Sunday morning."  (Typing Toad has an adorable French accent).
    Why?  I’m not being paid for this, nobody’s breathlessly waiting for it. 
    "Sink of it as a deadline.  You will learn discipline."
    Discipline, shmiscipline.  I think I’ll just skip a week.  Or a month.
    "But you promised you would do it, so you ‘ave to." 
    But I don’t feel like writing, I have no ideas and what if it sucks? 
    "It won’t suck if you let me do it.  Just leave it to me, chérie
    And, like a dope, I do.
    Typing Toad’s style leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s sloppy, scattered, full of non-sequiturs and is very self-indulgent.  He likes to use gratuitously big words, sound effects, symbols, he thinks the silliest things are funny and he repeats himself.  He also makes spelling mistakes, overlooks typos and his thoughts are ill-formed and his arguments poorly made.  Typing Toad often sounds as though he’s been at the dandelion wine.
    Want to see the Typing Toad in action?  Just watch the evolution of my Sunday blog posts happening right before your eyes most weeks. It’s often tweaked a dozen or more times, sometimes it gets completely rewritten and isn’t usually properly readable until Wednesday, when Typing Toad takes the day off.



MOLLYC said...

I thought that the typing toad was just MY friend! I hate it when readers comment on the blog to point out typos! saoewrd!

Nora Lumiere said...

The Typing Toad is an ubiquitous little amphibian, isn't he?
Pointing out typos is what Twitter DM is for :-)