Sunday, November 28, 2010


"Throes of Creation" by Leonid Pasternak

Do you blog about whatever interests you, do you write from the gut? Or do you write about what you think will appeal to the most readers?
I’ve tried both and most satisfying, of course, is the writing from the gut that appeals to lots of readers. 

The best part about writing from rage, despair or joy, is that you don’t have to do any research. And you don’t care what anyone else thinks about it or whether they click or comment on it. You just vent raw, voluptuous spleen. It may not be great literature and it may not please everybody, it may please nobody, but it makes you feel purged and liberated.

I can’t figure out what triggers interest or indifference. I’ve tried to reproduce  a popular post in a similar style but without success. I’ve also written what I thought was fresh, gutsy stuff that really pleased me but seemed to please nobody else. Sometimes I write something I feel is so limp and lifeless I’m afraid to post it but I do and it gets surprisingly enthusiastic reactions.

I just don’t know what readers will like, so I write what I like. Better writing from me would probably please more readers than my writing on popular topics. This said, blog-writing has been an enormous help with my book. It’s exercised my writing chops, my thinking and my writing discipline. 

I think if I’d aimed to please readers, or branded myself on a single subject, I would never have got the writing experience I have. The interest of readers and their thoughtful comments are a bonus, rather than a goal.