Sunday, January 1, 2012


Michel - The death of a friend. 
Animation for Amateurs - How it's done.     
More Than Groceries - Managing with heart.
Love in the Movies - Valentine's Day.
Has Pixar Lost its Touch? - Guest post BY John Lechner.
Animation at the Oscars - Animation doesn't need a separate Oscar category.
Real Men Eat Chocolate - The feminisation of chocolate.
Los Angeles Traffic - Take me to your Honda. 
The Lion King - Why you should see this wonderful animated film.
What Kind of Mother? - Mothers' Day. 
Mesdames les Misogynes - Debout les fran├žaises! 
Walt Disney Studios  - Photos of the studio lot.
Behind the Blue Hat - Photos of the inside of Disney animation.
New blog ‘ANIMATED’ A NOVEL - Excerpts, out-takes, notes on my novel 
Tintin and the Uncanny Valley - Mocap is not animation.
Writing for Animation - Storyboarding is a form of writing.
Into The Streets - Occupy something.   
Is Hollywood Animation a Boy’s Club? - Sexism in animation.


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