Friday, April 19, 2013


Why is it that many photographers pose writers with their hand(s) awkwardly hovering around their face? 
How often do we do this in real life? Almost never.

•   the chin-on-fist pose (looks like a punch on the chin)
•    the finger-on-chin pose (smart and pensive)
•    the drooping fingers under-chin pose (nonchalant)
•    the chin-almost-on-palm pose (uncomfortably relaxed)
•    the fingers clasped pose (please buy my book, I beg you)

•    the fingers-over-mouth pose (I'm muzzling myself)
*   the Mr. Burns evil steeple (come into my parlour)

As few of us are actors or models, we’re not usually comfortable with cameras so posing can be awkward and unnatural and we tend to do what we’re told by the photographer. 

But few photographers are directors so they don’t really know how to get our quintessential body language right. 

When you feel uncomfortable in a pose, you'll look uncomfortable so, pick your own, the photographer wont mind and you’ll look much better.


Nora Lumiere said...

From @JohnLechner on Twitter:

I think author poses are intended to look thoughtful. But they all end up looking similar.

Nora Lumiere said...

A good photographer must be part artist, part director & part shrink to capture the real you.

Nicola Morgan said...

One good reason (in my case!) for having a hand on chin/whatever is to detract from asymmetry or wonky jawline. I have a very asymmetric jaw, which doesn't show so much in conversation because I'm moving, but is really obvious in photos, so a carefully positioned hand can help. But I do agree that some hand on chin poses do look very false and ridiculous!

Nora Lumiere said...

Your jawline looks just fine from here. And no hands either. :-)

Nora Lumiere said...

From @ColinShelbourn on Twitter:
"last one I did, photographer said “Can you adopt same pose as the cartoon on the book cover”

Nora Lumiere said...

Sounds like a smart photographer.

Nora Lumiere said...

From @nicolamorgan on Twitter:
"Best photographer I ever had said "don't do anything, just think about your book". :)

Nora Lumiere said...

Another smart photographer.