Sunday, December 1, 2013


In case you too are dismayed by the grey covering your newly upload photos and artwork, this post might help.
Last Sunday I uploaded several new headers I'd spend several days working on and BAM, they all appeared on a DARK GREY background instead of the pristine white of the original artwork. Cursing and muttering I uploaded the artwork numerous times, even old artwork, without success. 

I've been uploading header artwork the same way for years and never had this problem. The exact same artwork uploaded to TWITTER came out perfectly on a sparkling WHITE background so I knew it had to be a change on Google/ Blogger.

The AVATAR too, had a gray screen although not as dark as the header. Even artwork inserted into the blog post was covered with 5 different shades of GRAY:
On December 3, John Lechner and several people on Google Help Forums suggested unchecking the "Auto Enhance" box on my Google+ account.  I didn't have a Googl+ account so, in desperation, I created one and unchecked "auto enhance".  

Instantly, my header was all fixed so I cancelled my Google+ account and the header went back to being all GREY! WTF? Was Google practicing artistic extortion to get more accounts? More cursing and harsh words ensued.

Then on December 4th, I got a very helpful response from Matti Nescio to my plea for help on Google Help Forums (where there are MANY COMPLAINTS about Google's outrageous auto "enhancing"): "Do you  have Auto Enhance disabled ? Or upload the images in PNG format."

Bingo, this did the trick! The artwork was successfully uloaded without the grey and my Google+ account was cancelled without effecting the artwork.
Google, please rescind your appalling "auto enhance" feature immediately. Tampering with people's art is arrogant and evil. Boo! Hiss!
 BTW, which header/avatar, apart from the greyness, do you prefer?                 


John L said...

That's so strange and disturbing! It seems to be altering the image when you upload it.
I just did a little research, and it seems if you adjust your personal Google+ settings and uncheck "Automatically enhance new photos" that fixes it. But why would they make photos gray in the first place?
Also, I really like the pencil icon!

N. Lumiere said...

Thanks for the input. I don't have a Google+ account to uncheck but it seems that their disgraceful auto enhance feature (what arrogance!) may effect all Google images, including Blogger's. As you say, adding grey certainly doesn't enhance anything.

Henry R. Kujawa said...

I was lucky. I noticed the problem after only 2 weeks, and once someone in the "help" forum explained what needed doing, I was able to shut that damned thing off, and only had to REPLACE 2 weeks' worth of new images.

But I should never have had to in the first place. An option like that should NEVER be "default".

"AUTO"-anything is crap. The same goes with the sound editor I have. I know someone who'll transfer vinyl LPs to CD, and use an automatic program ferature to cut up one big file into separate tracks. But the breaks between songs never come up in the right place-- unless you do it MANUALLY.

The whole world is getting overrun by people who want other people to be incapable of doing anything, or thinking, at all...

N.L. Lumiere said...

I agree! Dumbing down is far too popular and Google, with their investment in robotics, seems to be aiming for something even more auto-scary.

N.L. Lumiere said...

Email from Kristina Karalyte:

"That was so freakin` helpfull!!!! because I almost cryed after those terrible photo changes. My blog is related with some artwork, and photo color changes may seriously affect the quality and the meaning of my work. Thanx to GOD and YOU, now everything`s fine :) I`m so so so happy and calm now..."

N.L. Lumiere said...

Glad to pass on the help I got.
(See, Google, how much distress you cause with your auto-ugly? By the way, Google, grey never "enhances" a picture.)

Anonymous said...

Email from Rebecca Lopez 12:49 PM

"Awesome! I turned of the auto enhance in google+ and now my pics are fixed! Thank you thank you!"

N.L. Lumiere said...

Glad to foil Google+'s dastardly efforts to spoil art.