Friday, June 27, 2014


Fan Kaun / van Gogh by ZHANG HONGTU
Art makes us react. That’s its job, to make us think and feel and know we’re alive. See if these two images don’t make you do a double take and think and smile a bit.
“Art” is such a short, monosyllabic word it doesn’t really do justice to all the glorious colors, shapes, ideas creativity and structures it represents or all the delight, rage, curiosity and satisfaction it provokes. I wish it were a bigger, longer more juicy word as befits such an important concept.

Art may be a small word but it plays a huge part in our daily life. Where would we be without it? 

Bereft, impoverished and probably insane that’s where. 
Art constantly enriches and subconsciously sustains us as we rush about:

- Advertising art on public transport can transport us: I’d like to go there/see that/have that/What the hell is that?

- Fine art in museums lifts our spirit with beauty, makes us marvel at how it was done, when it was done, why, where and by whom it was done. One problem with fine art is that it’s heavily influenced by its context, the hushed museum, the whispering and echoing footsteps. How wonderful it must be to have a piece of fine art in your own home where you can see it in different lights, talk about it without whispering, touch it, smell it, savor it, inhale and digest it.
- Art in decoration: our choice of color and texture for the walls, carpets and furniture is art.
- The art in the design of the things we use daily: a silver Mac, so carefully designed to function well and look beautiful, a comfortable chair designed to fit our anatomy (very hard to find), a Ferrari (Well, I’d like to use one daily) with its gorgeous lines and passionate color.
- A most powerful combination of two arts: an illuminated/illustrated book  a double joy and enrichment. 

1997, vase from the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and paint by AI WEIWEI

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