Friday, August 8, 2014


As we’ve noticed at least one modification to Twitter’s recent terrible design changes (FOLLOWERS is now only two huge bios across but still annoying as we have to read across and down), perhaps these suggestions could find their way into the Twitter format to make it as easy-to-use and well-designed as it should to be: 

1) The ugly PROFILE format with the too-big avatar and the too- wide-and-narrow background could be vastly improved by centering the avatar and bio as it was before. Omit the date we joined Twitter, nobody cares.
Small centered avatar
Top line:  name, Twitter name and place
2nd and 3rd lines: Bio
Bottom line: Photos and videos – LINK to blog   
2) the FOLLOWERS format, a lugubrious glob of giant bios with avatars, background picture two or three bios wide which has to be read not only vertically but horizontally as well. TMI, dudes, are we toddlers who need such big pictures? Go back to the vertical list of easy-to-read names & tiny avatars, perfect to scroll through. We can look up bios of interest ourselves, just like adults. 

3) Many folks misuse the FAVORITE star in the mistaken belief that it’s the equivalent to "liking” something on Facebook, but only two TWITTER users ever see it. On Twitter the RT button is all we need. Please replace the FAVORITE star with a DM button.  

4) We can look up our followers under FOLLOWERS, no need to inject them into our ME timeline. 

5) We’d like to send a Tweet without accidentally including unwanted Twitter #addresses from the list of usually-not-helpful #addresses stuck to our cursor in the Tweet box. 

6) TWEETDECK (which Twitter owned last time I looked) doesn’t let us paste pre-written messages or links in the TWEET BOX and links aren't automatically shortened pre-posting anymore so they sometimes take up 140 characters. Please invent a new algorithm or whatever that lets us paste a pre-typed Tweet and especially an automatically shortened link into the Tweet box. 
And, BTW, when we hit the reply arrow, our own name comes up so we're talking to ourselves. We'd like to answer a Tweet without extensive cutting and pasting. Also, Tweetdeck changes our blog URL to a one, totally messing up our stats.

Thank you! 
Who’d like to see improvements in Twitter design? 


John L said...

Lots of common sense here, unfortunately social media sites rarely use common sense in decision making.

I don't understand number 5, I don't see any addresses in the Tweet box when I'm typing.

I think many people wanted a Like button on Twitter, and since they weren't provided one, they commandeered the Favorite button for that purpose. Whether or not it makes sense, that's what it has become.

N. L. Lumiere said...

Regarding #5, it happens when you add a #. A list of #addresses pop up and if you don't space your cursor away, you will publish one of them.
The FAVORITE button should definitely be replaced, it's a complete waste of time.

davidgilray said...

I use the Favorite button frequently, as a bookmark. Which is not necessarily because I "like" the tweet.
I do not want a Facebook style like button on Twitter.

N. L. Lumiere said...

Yet another diabolical tool to get us to buy stuff, including news :-)
Okay, Twitter, please change the "favorite" button to a BOOKMARK or a DM.