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Saturday, July 13, 2019

How to Celebrate BASTILLE DAY

Not a people to tolerate high taxes and social inequality, the French are expert 
in demanding their rights. Today's the day they stormed La Bastille prison
in 1789, ended the monarchy (for a while) and became a republic 
(eventually, after a few hiccups) 
Here's how to celebrate the joie de vivre
the savoir faire and the je ne sais quoi 
of the inimitable and irrepressable 
French people: 

Admire this magnificent photograph by Anthony Gelot of the flyover of the Arc de Triomphe

Have a nice lunch 
 with a nice bottle or two of wine

stroll along the car-less banks of the Seine (Merci, Anne Hidalgo) and enjoy Paris Plages 

visit burned but still beautiful Notre Dame (Tarum non Destruatur) 

Have a light dinner at Le Café de Flore or the Petit Saint Benoit


end the day with a hot friend, a warm cognac and a fiery debate about why there was
an emperor, four Bourbon kings (Louis XIII, Charles X, Louis XVIX, Henri V) 
and another revolution in 1830 after the big revolution of 1789
which we celebrate today.

and just before you fall asleep, 
don’t forget to whisper, 
Vive la France.

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